Any questions (FAQ)?

Theres always about the same things you keep asking us. Here's a little list of the most frequently asked questions, that we hope will help you. 

If your concern is not among them, feel free to write us an e-mail to

Where can I buy the Lucky Tickets?

For starters here – on our website :-) Further more we have Etsy shop, that offers a smaller scope (no single tickets for example). Also all over Germany there's a multitude of gift shop, museaum shops, book store and papeterie shops that – each to their individual liking – offer Wertmarken fürs Leben. If you are looking for a shop like that in a specific town, email us and we'll look it up.

Do you also produce individual tickets?

Of course there is the possibility of producing individual carnival tickets. We produced individual business cards, special admission tickets, personal coupons and all kinds of tickets for very different purposes already. An individual edition starts at 1.000 tickets (every new motif needs a new printing plate). The text can only be printed in black, paper comes in 7 different colors and in 8 different colors stripes can be dyed on it. Production periods range at 2–3 weeks. If you are interested in the production of your individual Lucky Ticket please contact us. For those of you that need less than the mentioned 1.000 tickets, we launched our colorful designed blank tickets. If you buy or order a stamp somewhere, you can stamp your own text and illustration on them. This is a budget way of creating your very own tickets.

Why can't there be different designs on one ticket roll?

Indeed people do sometimes ask if it is possible to print varying motifs consecutively on one ticket roll. We understand, it would be nice: LUCK, LOVE and HAPPY on one roll ... The answer: Unfortunately not. The old rotation offset printing machines only allow one motif per roll in an edition. Imagine a giant stamping machine, outfitted with only one stamp it can use in a flight (simplified).

Can I (re)sell the Lucky Tickets, do reseller conditions exist?

Yep, that's possible. Together with our distributor corpus delicti we offer our Lucky Tickets for reselling conditions for retailers in gift shop, museaum shops, book store and papeterie shops in Germany. If you are interested please contact corpus delicti directly or write us to

Do you support social projects?

We're happy to do that. This can be done in one of many ways. We donate parts of our earnings from christmas products to projects we like to support. Some charitable organisations get the Lucky Tickets for a special reduced price. Contact us if you like to us the Lucky Tickets for a social project – let's talk about it :-).

Can I get a design I like in a different color?

TIt's not an easy thing because for a different color giant rolls ob bnak paper have to be dyed in a prior printing run. The colored paper has to dry. Not till then it can be used to print the blck designs on them. This is the reason a different color equals a whole new print job, we do not keep colored paper reserves. Individual edition starts at 1.000 tickets. Please write us if you like to hear more about it.

Do you have a store?

AAt the moment we do not maintain a "real" Lucky Tickets shop. You can therefor not drop by to forage for designs or collect bought orders. Sometimes we have a stall on design markets and handicraft festivals or fairs. Where and when will be announced on our facebook site.