Open-minded for your ideas

Right from the beginning of FEINE BILLETTERIE the press had interested in our ideas and promotions. We are very thankful and glad for that since it helped us to get well-known in Hamburg and whole Germany. 

Also in cooperations with bloggers many wonderful projects, powerful synergies and exciting (and sometimes quite funny) things happened and all sides gained experiences from it.

Press contact and blog cooperations

We're always happy to help with media requests on image and/or text material as well as blog inquiries Please send us an email at

Dear young bloggers, ...

please understand that we're not answering sheer sample/shop test requests. If you should have a nice cooperation idea, however, we're very much looking forward to hear from you :-D

we are not driven by any stupid marketing plan and therefor are not looking for advertising dummies who would write SEO optimized elation posts.
What we like is when we can feel that someone got acquainted with FEINE BILLETTERIE and our Lucky Tickets and has a palpable idea for her/his blog post, promotion or project. In our opinion i's best to get together if there's a mutual idea. Of course we offer free Lucky tickets for decoration, photographing and tombolas etc. It's just, that we like to know what your idea behind it is and how it matches our world :-)