We can't do it alone – we have a great team.

Since the day we started we struggled and strived a lot to get every aspect of the FEINE BILLETTERIE done on by ourselves and to our own ideas and concepts. We are very good or at least okay with some things and not so good with others. So we looked to get help on different matters and expanded our little "family" that is now capable of all our business needs.

Logo Becker Billett

Even the old cinema admission tickets Andrea once collected had "Beckerbillett" printed on them. Researching for our Lucky Tickets we found out that this long-established printing shop not only resides in our quarter but that they are absolutely awesome partners in the realisation of our ideas. Although they are one of the state-of-the-art token print shops in Europe they also stay with the old tradition of token roll offset printing. At Beckerbillett our Lucky Tickets are printed on old heavy steel printing machines weighing tons dating back to the last century that are operated by experienced and super nice coworkers. As exclusive printing partner of FEINE BILLETTERIE Beckerbillett is significantly involved in the success of our Lucky Tickets. An extra big "Thank you!" for that and "Keep at it!"


Logo Elbe Werkstätten

The Hamburger Elbe-Werkstätten offers diverse possibilities of occupational and work offers for people with handicaps in the area of Hamburg. We got to know them when we hit our own capacities in the packaging of our BUNTE TÜTE sets. We took Mrs. Jacob and her adorable team to our hearts because they are so hard-working, enthusiastic, friendly and dependable. Thank you for the great job you are doing! It's always fun with you!


Logo corpus delicti

We met Dörte and André on a design market in Hamburg where we presented the Lucky Tickets. With their company corpus delicti they design, produce and sell own creative gift and design ideas and supplement their range of goods with matching products of amicable designers and artisans. The took us in and helped us with the distribution of the Wertmarken fürs Leben to committed owner-managed retail shops for interior decoration and gifts, museum's shops, book shops and papeteries.If you are interested to become a reseller in Germany for our Lucky Tickets call them – they are fair, professional and very nice.


Abroad we cooperate with multiple distributors.
If you have any question on this issue we're looking forward to hear from you!

Logo Stefan Fritzsche

If you want to sell your products all over the world there’s just no way you get around an online shop. An online shop that looks nice, is easy to use and altogether pleasant to browse through. It’s obvious: you need an IT expert for the details on a task like that. In Stefan we found an e-commerce specialist who ist as super friendly as he is competent. Without him you’d probably wouldn’t read this right now or forage for your Lucky Tickets here. Stefan, you truly are our hero!